Real-time monitoring of your conversion rate growth with minimal staff and sensing devices.

Targeted Solutions to Increase Sales Conversions

VionVision's AI algorithms, entwined with our leading IoT devices, allow you to discover the popular areas and aisles that attract customers. This data helps you eliminate the dead spaces and effectively utilise every square meter of your supermarket. Each area is analysed individually to get an accurate picture of the customer's entire journey through the store. It is very effective to analyse customer decisions from two different perspectives: "planned purchases" (customers' needs and shopping purposes) and "impulse purchases" (customers' commodity preferences). This way, you can optimise conversion rates, product placement, store layout and marketing strategies to match customer behaviour.

Improve Customer Experience through Queue Management and Staff Scheduling

Short queues and high levels of customer service are effective ways to build customer loyalty. For many people, going grocery shopping is often an exhausted process. Therefore, managing queues and the staff scheduling program will help you create an enjoyable, effiecent, stress-free shopping environment that will earn repeat business. With our analytics platform, you can have a comprehensive view of all the data necessary to make influential decisions and optimise your supermarket. You'll receive real-time alerts when there is a long line at the checkout area and another register is needed. By cooperate with VionVison and embrace the future, you can significantly reduce the queue lengths and wait times, thus ensuring greater customer satisfaction and happiness.

Prevent Loss of the Self-checkout Areas

Consumers skipping checks or engaging in shoplifting behaviour can cause losses to the store's bottom line. To prevent this from happening, we use advanced artificial intelligence and computer vision technology that accurately detects and tracks human gestures and merchandise, and automatically triggers an alert once an abnormality is detected, effectively preventing such incidents from occurring and acting as a deterrent.



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