Smart Sensors

The VionVision VT-C103-VCA series of smart sensors features the patented TrueFlow 2.0 tag-free staff exclusion technology. It captures crucial statistics for understanding and optimising operations such as entry rates, dwell time distribution, foot traffic pattern, conversion funnel, and more. In addition, the sensors can be easily connected to VionVision’s self-developed Business Intelligence (BI) platforms for visual analytics. With advanced technology and seamless integration capabilities, these sensors pave the way for data-driven decision-making and business success.

Customer Path Analysis

AI-empowered correlation


High Accuracy

Performance Improvement

Especially for anchor stores

Tag-free Stuff Exclusion

Over 95% accuracy


Super-low power

Embeded Display

Extremely strong concealment

Queue Management

Check-out lane length and
waiting time analysis

Data Encryption

Encrypted transmission of
non-biometric metadata


Convenient installment and
implementation methods

Extreme Scenario Execution

Suitable for large public and
low illumination areas


G5 & G6 Smart Sensor

G5 & G6 are flush-mount smart sensors. It is designated to be plug-to-use and suitable for recessed installation without screws, which can be used in commercial plaza entrances and exits, elevator halls, store entrances and other areas. The detection range of a single camera can span more than 10 metres in width with the least power dissipation on the market to suit various types of global ESG policies. By fully utilising the ReID technology, G5 & G6 can ensure accurate calculation of footfall data without collecting bioinformation. GDPR compliance and extremely high level of cybersecurity standards (including but not limited to metadata access and transmission, encrypted analysis, firewall system protection, etc.) ensure the clients’ and visitors’ privacy and security in all kinds of scenarios.


S2 Smart Sensor

S2 is an industrially-advanced, top-view, smart sensor suitable for flush mount and surface mount. Leveraging cutting-edge ReID technology, it excels in overcoming occlusions and interference while ensuring precise counting and no capture of biometric features. It is simple to deploy and can be placed at entrances and exits of retail stores or malls, elevator halls, and other areas. It not only has a wide detection range (normally over 10 metres) but also offers the least power dissipation on the market, aligning with various types of global ESG policies. We always put the privacy and security of both clients and visitors at the first place. S2 follows the GDPR protocol and maintains an extremely high level of cybersecurity standards, such as encompassing metadata access and transmission, encrypted analysis, firewall system protection, and more.



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