Data & Application Platforms

VionVision’s Data & Application Platforms operate in the public cloud (which is also subjective to be discussed of on-premise deployment or customisation method of cooperation), accessible via phones or work PCs, offering global footfall statistics. The platform features a BI display function for real-time insights into people counting, presented through detailed reports.

V-store Platform

The Vstore Platform is a specialised data display platform tailored for the retail industry, focusing on footfall data analysis. It offers real-time visualisation of footfall data at group, regional, and store levels, allowing for statistical analysis and querying of customer flow patterns. Users can compare and analyse customer data across different time periods or stores, examining factors such as visitor dwell time, demographics (age and gender), heat maps, and correlations within the store layout.

The most significant feature of the platform is the graphical display of the store’s conversion funnel. By tracking the data of customers passing through the store, entering the store, engaging in deep shopping, experiencing products, and ultimately making purchases, the platform allows managers to identify areas of improvement within the store and facilitate the timely implementation of marketing activities using techniques like PDCA or OODA.

V-mall Platform

Vmall Platform is a dedicated smart data management platform for commercial buildings. The platform can display footfall data charts related to the floor, supermall, group, industry and store. The platform can display real-time footfall data of all plazas belonging to the group. Users can access real-time footfall data across all plazas within the group, segmented by floors, industries, and individual stores. The platform offers detailed insights into customer behaviour, including trajectory mapping, heat distribution analysis, dwell times, and demographic breakdowns such as age and gender. Moreover, it showcases correlations between industries and stores, leveraging local weather and holiday information for specialised data analysis. By facilitating informed decisions, the platform assists in shop rental determinations, aids in attracting foot traffic to stores, and evaluates the impact of brand and business layout adjustments. It plays a vital role in optimising commercial plaza operations and enhancing the effectiveness of marketing strategies.

V-space Platform

Vspace Platform is a platform for public spaces that can display the footfall data of public areas such as train stations, airports, parks and scenic spots, exhibition halls, etc. It not only displays real-time passenger flow and according footfall data but also calculates the crowdedness/occupancy, queuing length and dwell time distribution of the passengers in public areas.



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