Loss Prevention

Safeguard assets with cutting-edge AI algorithms and superior computer vision technology, help to achieve unparalleled security and surveillance.

The Highest Standard of “Deter Fraud, Reduce Shrinkage, Protect Profits” Loss Prevention Solutions

VionVision helps you understand and combat retail fraud and put your money where it belongs. ReID technology now enables a complete trajectory of an individual customer’s entry into a store with cross-checking of sales figures through POS integration, checking of merchandise gaps through object recognition algorithms, unusual behaviours detected from customer gestures and time spent in the checkout area, screenshots, and the corresponding customer profiles, which can be automatically exported to a store manager, centralised control, or even a direct alarm system.

Prevent Loss of the Self-checkout Areas

Consumers skipping checks or engaging in shoplifting behaviours can cause losses to the store’s bottom line. To prevent this from happening, we use advanced artificial intelligence and computer vision technology that accurately detects and tracks human gestures and merchandise, and automatically triggers an alert once an abnormality is detected, effectively preventing such incidents from occurring and acting as a deterrent.

Cutting-edge Algorithms of Loss Prevention

Loss prevention systems based on intelligent perception technology have been studied in the industry for nearly a decade. Due to the diversity of scenes and the stealthy nature of behaviour, it has always been a challenge to improve the accuracy of loss prevention systems. One of the typical accuracy problems is a high missing rate and the other is a high false detection rate. The occurrence of either of the two situations makes the system difficult to be applied in a practical and large-scale way. In order to solve this problem, Vionvision's loss prevention solution has been thoroughly researched and developed in the following aspects:



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