In-Store Analytics

The very first step to fine-tuning your operation and management is comprehensive digital data analytics.

Heatmap and Engagement Analytics

The Heatmap analytics solutions capture and analyses customer shopping experience at three levels. At the macro level, a store heat map and major visitor movement paths can be calculated. At the mid-level, configurable zone-based traffic analysis measures visitor traffic, stop traffic, dwell time distribution and demographic breakdowns. At the most granular level, it is possible to count the interactions of each visitor with the products on the shelf or at the table.

Our Artificial Intelligence People Counters are equipped with heatmapping functionality that accurately calculates and visualises how long a customer stays in any given location. This plays a vital role in gaining insights into customer shopping behaviour, optimising shop category selection and optimising product display layouts. A key feature of Vionvision’s heatmap solution is the Employee Exclusion Module, which is very important as without this module, the heatmap would be more of a Staff Heatmap than a Visitor Heatmap.

By analysing data such as the number of visitors, the visitor dwell time distribution, and the number of customers paying attention to and experiencing the area where the setup is implemented, it is possible to gain insights into the behaviour and interaction of customers in a specific area. The solution enables operators to analyse data on the exposure of promotional products, the level of customer interest in products, etc., so that they can develop better product display layouts, select products that are more popular with customers, and provide brands with detailed data on sales.

Operators often need in-depth and accurate analyses of customer experience for hot and test products. For example, a mobile phone brand would consider conducting daily average customer experience counts and experience duration statistics for a recently launched high-end mobile phone, as well as gender and age analysis of experience customers, to provide a data basis for product popularity and product positioning analysis. In addition, the operator will also analyse the correlation between experience and purchase, so as to provide suggestions for on-site service strategies.

Occupancy Management and Real-time Optimisation

Real-time occupancy statistics enable businesses to comply with capacity regulations, optimise customer flow and adhere to security measures, thereby improving the safety of operations and the ability to respond to unexpected emergencies. Real-time occupancy statistics enable businesses to comply with capacity regulations, optimise customer flow and adhere to security measures, resulting in improved operational efficiency (especially staff scheduling and frequency of on-site maintenance) and customer satisfaction.
Occupancy management solutions provide real-time insight into space utilisation, enabling organisations to optimise floor plans for retail customers, streamline operations and improve the overall efficiency of facilities.
Accurate access to occupancy data, combined with sales and human resource allocation data, can also lead to increased customer satisfaction as well as improved service efficiency and predictability.

Customer Path Analysis and Marketing Effectiveness Measurement

Unleash the potential of our Marketing Effectiveness Measurement solution by utilising the power of people statistics analysis to understand target audience profiles, customer engagement with specific layouts, and pathways to marketing touchpoints.

By deploying G5/G6 people counting sensors throughout your facility, you can visualise people movement patterns, including areas of stay and popular locations. By integrating with the sensors, our data analytics platform delivers this data to you.

By integrating with heatmaps, you can see tracking maps that show the entire customer journey for each visitor. By knowing this information, you can place ads in the optimal locations to further improve marketing results. It also helps you manage layouts effectively by providing the information you need to design stores that match typical traffic patterns.

By utilising data on how long customers spend in front of billboards, you can gain insight into the effectiveness of your campaigns. Conduct A/B testing to optimise your marketing strategy and adjust your approach to achieve maximum results.



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